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Photo love: Gogetterjetsetter.com

Photo love: Gogetterjetsetter.com

It’s the eve of my departure for a six-week trip to Nepal and Laos (blatant self-promotional moment: look for my feature on Nepalese cheesemaking in the Spring ’16 issue of culture: the word on cheese). Since you’re reading this blog, presumably you’re aware of the fact that I’m extremely flight-phobic.

Given the recent spate of air disasters, paired with the excessive number of connecting flights and crap airlines I must endure in order to use frequent flyer miles for this trip, it’s understandable that I’ve been, how you say, shitting a giant brick over these impediments to adventure.

I mentioned to a friend the other day that due to Colorado’s recent- and inexplicable, given our freewheeling attitude toward pot– crackdown on Xanax prescriptions, I’ve had to go to extraordinary- if still legal- lengths so I can fly. In response, he sent me this clip from comedian John Mulaney, which made me realize that I’m not alone.

Thanks, Tony, for the solidarity. To all you other Xanax-fiending white knuckle flyers out there: I salute you.

Stay tuned for my updates from the road!

This Cessna almost crashed on take-off on my trip to the Ecuadorean Amazon. No exaggeration.

This Cessna almost crashed on take-off when I was in the Ecuadorean Amazon. No, I am not exaggerating.

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