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These LEMS lightweight, packable boots were road-tested and reviewed by yours truly last fall (see post for link). Here we are driving across the Atacama Desert.

Hi fellow dirtbag community!

The time has come to actually do something with this blog. I won’t blatantly say, “make money” but if you’re a follower, you know that travel writers often sleep in their cars.

In all seriousness, I’m looking to collaborate with brands and do some sponsored content, as long as they’re sympatico with my ethos of sustainability. I do content creation for the F & B, outdoor, travel, green lifestyle and hospitality industries so this feels like the next step in that realm.

My goal as a journalist is to educate readers about the people who grow, raise, catch and make food using ecologically responsible and humane methods. I also strive to teach my readers how to travel in a way that fosters cultural understanding and exchange and minimizes ecological and human impact. I know, that all sounds pretentious as fuck.

I also do gear reviews, primarily for soft goods (psst, LEMS link alert) for the outdoor industry, as well as rando stuff, like, er, “oral health” and (god help me) antidiarrheal products and skin salve.

Got a 24-hour Amtrak ride, international flight, raging hangover or multi-day trek/whitewater/camping trip? I swear this product is effective as all get out, even when you’re unable to brush your teeth.

I’d like to know what you’d like to read about on this blog, and what brands you think are relevant to my content. What kind of content can I produce that’s useful to you, the dirtbag, food-and-travel loving unwashed masses? Have your own brand? Let’s talk!

Please post your responses in comments (trolls, you can just contact me directly, my email is on my business website, k’ thanks). Thanks for your input and for reading Snacking on Xanax. Safe travels, y’all (I can say that ‘cos I live in Texas now).

When I reviewed this ultra-light rain jacket, I noted that it’s smaller than a can of beer. Just, you know, for reference.


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